Good news for Perl

Dave Cross has an article on Perl usage at start-ups. His conclusion is to focus on learning JavaScript.

My takeaways from his article are overwhelmingly positive.

  • CPAN is growing faster than ever
  • We have regular releases of Perl
  • Some great new features have been added to Perl
  • There are more YAPCs and Perl Workshops every year
  • Perl Mongers groups are starting all the time
  • “We get dozens of people to our meetings every month”
  • The number of Perl jobs is rising
  • Our company can never find enough Perl programmers
  • “We just started a major new project using Perl”

And on the negative side:

  • In the last five years … four big Perl-using companies in London have started to move away from it for new development.
  • Many programmers have chosen to move away from Perl.
  • “I know plenty of people who were regulars at London Perl Mongers meetings ten to fifteen years ago but who haven’t written a line of Perl for over five years.”

I’m not worried about any of these.

  • How many firms are moving away from the RP languages in favour of Go or Scala (or Node) ?
  • I know a lot of programmers who have chosen to move from Java to Scala
  • I know plenty of folks who used to be programmers and no longer write code. They went into middle management

However, I’m fully on-board with the learn JavaScript suggestion.

Unless you specifically want Rails or SciPy, Perl, Python and Ruby (the RP languages) are very close substitutes. The primary differences are syntax and availability of developers and the general perception is that Perl doesn’t compare well on either of these counts.

In contrast, JavaScript enjoys a protected position (although, see languages that translate or compile to JavaScript for a tiny wrinkle). It is the language of the browser and modern engines are significantly faster than the canonical implementations of the RP languages.

So … anyone know of any good JavaScript resources for Perl devs?

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